Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Starting Now....

Well, this blog is supposed to begin on the release day of the "Motu Proprio" , following the news and discussion in it's wake and collecting relevant documents as a resource for music ministers and other interested persons. This is still my intention, but I guess I'll have to fill the space with the usual speculative talk until there is an actual docment to comment on. The latest "date" being bantered around is May 5th, which seems as likely as any date at this point.

I think that patience is called for here... there is clearly a reason for the delay. Maybe it's not a delay at all, and the date for release has been set all along and it is simply not come yet. We'll just have to find out when it happens. When it does, I hope that we (Catholic Blogs) will provide not only space for criticism and comment, but perhaps be a resource at the "ground level" with information and assistance.

There are other topics I will be covering here, particularly the progress of the revision of Music In Catholic Worship (supposed to be completed by October 2007), the development of the Directory for Music (draft has been sent to the Holy See for approval but will likely be rejected on grounds that it does not fill the requiremets set by Liturgiam Authenticam) and the various Missal translation issues that will directly affect musicians and Sacred Music. This, combined with Pope Benedict's love for traditional (Gregorian) Sacred Music and his personal conviction that this music should be the music we are using at Mass, should make for an interesting two or three years ahead, don't you think?

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