Monday, January 4, 2010

A Happy New Year

As the New year begins, a welcome re-arrangement of my schedule will now allow me to attend the 8:30AM Extraordinary Form Mass on Sundays at the Christ The King Chapel in Sarasota. We are fortunate in the Diocese of Venice to have 20 (yes, twenty!) Extraordinary Form Masses each week throughout the Diocese (to be fair, 17 of those are at either Ave Maria University Chapel or Christ the King, both of which have daily EF Masses), but up to now I have been unable to attend Sunday Mass due to my obligations at my own parish and at another parish in the evening where I play a 6:00 Mass.

I will now have a space of time from 8:00AM- 10:00AM on Sunday Morning free - and there just happens to be an 8:30AM Mass at CTK only a few blocks away. I'm hoping that my family will be able to join me there, even if only occasionally.

I would have really liked to be able to make the 10:30AM Sung Mass, but I have to make a living after all.....

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