Monday, November 12, 2007

Revision of MCW Withdrawn

This report is now third-hand information... coming from EWTN via Jeffrey Tucker at NLM. I will update it if necessary as soon as the whole story is out. This is an important turn of events.
Says Jeffrey Tucker at NLM:

According to EWTN (I didn't watch the proceedings), there are two pieces of news on the the proposed music document that had been scheduled to be considered at the Fall USCCB meeting:

1) It has been downgraded from particular law to advisory, which means that it will not have the same binding status and will not require Rome's approval. (In other words, if it eventually sees the light of day, it will not be accountable to the Holy See.)

2) It has been otherwise withdrawn because there were 100 pages of proposed changes and there was no way it could be tackled at the USCCB meeting. (Which means that it was heavily opposed, and will likely no seethe light of day in it present form)

Please correct this post if it is inaccurate in any respect. I'm only reporting what the news anchor said as best as I can understand it.


100 PAGES OF PROPOSED CHANGES??? What does this mean? I have a pretty good theory on what's up, but I'm going to wait several hours at least and see if anything more comes to us from the reporters who are there.

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