Friday, November 16, 2007

UPDATE: The New Music Document is Passed (well...sort of!)

This update from NLM... but it is also important to note that at the present time, nobody has seen a final document! There are other stories out on this and 'm trying to catch up!

"Last night I was called about this, late, and told that it was possible that radically amended and patched up music document would be resurrected and passed as a guideline, replacing Music in Catholic Worship but not having the force of particular law. I didn't catch any proceedings today but Fr. Z says this is precisely what happened. The 88% in favor suggests to him that the results are not all that bad - and certainly if any says anything that resembles what the GIRM or the liturgy constitution says, it will be better. But no one will know for sure what lurks therein until we see a copy." - NLM


Aristotle said...

Forgive me for taking the Thomistic approach to this document - the apostle, that is, not the Angelic Doctor.

I hope to have a similar response to the apostle's once the document sees the light of day.

Chironomo said...

I hope it is better than it looked in draft #10... I saw that and it was still little more than an expanded MCW. For what it's worth, without a recognitio from Rome it is little more than paper anyhow.