Friday, May 16, 2008

Benedict makes the point... again!

It has been revealed that the Vatican is releasing a 4 CD set of Pope Benedict reciting the Rosary... IN LATIN!! From the ZENIT article on this....

Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi said requests from the faithful motivated Vatican Radio to release a four-CD set with all 20 mysteries of the rosary led by Benedict XVI in Latin.
Father Lombardi, director of the Vatican press office, explained on the radio station that faithful accustomed to praying the rosary with CDs featuring John Paul II wanted the same thing with the German Pontiff.

“During his last years, Pope John Paul II was not able to pray the rosary live, but since there were various recordings, the listeners, the faithful, could use their cassettes of the rosary led by the Pope, thus facilitating their prayer and devotion," Father Lombardi said. "With the new pontificate, there was renewed interest in praying the rosary with the Holy Father.

"Father Lombardi said Benedict XVI decided to record the CDs in Latin because “we have received requests not only from Italy but from places such as Germany and other countries. So we have used this language for the rosary which everyone understands easily and because it is the universal language of the Church.”

What an AMAZING way to introduce the faithful worldwide to the use of Latin in prayer...!! Of particular importance in this release is Benedict's decision to use Latin... because it is the universal language of the Church. Rather than release the CD's in Italian, English, German, etc... (which Benedict could have easily done)... Benedict decided to use Latin because it is universal and easily understood by everyone.

The Holy Father is ending us a message here.... It's time to stop building the Tower of Babel.

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