Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Off To Kalamazoo

I'm leaving tomorrow for my 8 day long "Chant Vacation". My first stop will be the Saturday Seminar with Fr.Z and Jeffrey Tucker - At The Lamb's High Feast in Kalamazoo MI. This was an add-on "bonus" seminar for my trip to the Chant Intensive at Loyola University from June 8-13. I'm hoping that both of these events will help me along the way towards a greater use of chant and authentic Sacred Music at Masses in my parish..... eventually!! I have to admit, it's going to take some work, and some time. Please say a prayer for me as I have to drive about 19 hours from home for these events, leaving my wife and family for more than a week.


Scelata said...

Travel safely!

(Save the Liturgy, Save the World)

Dad29 said...

I'm sure your wife and family will be just fine. Possibly even content without your presence.

Enjoy the Upper Midwest's cool climate while you're here!!

Michael B. said...

I will not be able to meet you in Kalamazoo, but look for Joe S. from the Grand Rapids Schola and say hello, I've asked him to look for you and make sure you feel welcome after making such a great effort to come to Kalamazoo.
Our Schola of the Chair of St. Peter was formed in 1995. We sometimes are able to visit St. Mary's in Kalamazoo and sing at the Tridentine Mass.

When you get to Chicago, make sure you introduce yourself to our fellow Grand Rapidian Kurt Poterack. He was an import part of the formation of our schola.

God be with you on your journey!

Chironomo said...

Thank you Michael;

I will surely do so. I am in Macon Georgia right now, using an internet connection in the parking lot of a Rodeway Inn... ahh, technology!