Monday, June 16, 2008

Greetings to the CMAA Colloquium...

I just returned to my home in Florida two days ago from the Chant Intensive, and was not able to stay the extra week for the colloquium. My wife and I are already planning to attend next year though. To all of those who are taking part in the colloquium this week, greetings! I am anxiously awaiting to hear some first hand reports on the week's activities from those who are there.


Dad29 said...

Altogether, the food was not too good. It was passable, but not inspiring.

As to the Conference's results: the classes/sessions I took were a mixed bag. The instructors were good, the music was good. I hope that the attendees went away inspired by what they heard.

Best result: knowing where to obtain FREE online Masses and other good music.

Dad29 said...


Ran into a bloglodyte-priest from an Upper Midwestern state who opined that perhaps the wreckovation of the Milwaukee Cathedral was, overall, "not so bad."

Almost took his head off, poor fellow.