Thursday, June 25, 2009

At The Colloquium: Extraordinary Form Mass

The Mass on Thursday Morning was an Extraordinary Form Solemn High Mass with the Canons of St. John Cantius in Chicago. The Mass Ordinary was sung by the Choir of St. John Cantius under the Direction of Fr. Scott Haynes. The Propers were variously sung by the Men's Intermediate Schola (Introit),Men's Advanced Schola (Gradual and Alleluia), the Women's Advanced Schola (Offertorium) and the Women's Intermediate Schola (Communion).

The audio recording may be listened to or downloaded HERE.


Spes Eminus said...

How good of them to come to you!Thanks for keeping us posted!

Charles said...

At the risk of immodesty, the Intermediate Mens' Schola under Scott Turkington rendered the Introit. Of course I would never correct your information unless under the influence of mitigating factorums....influences of which we shared copiously ;-p

Chironomo said...

I'm so sorry Charles! I corrected my ommission was great to see you at the Colloquium and best wishes to you and your wife for the coming year.