Wednesday, June 24, 2009

At the colloquium: Mass with Cardinal George

Cardinal George celebrated the Ordinary Form Mas in Latin with the CMAA Colloquium this morning at 10:00AM in the Madonna Della Strada Chapel.

An audio recording of the Mass can be downloaded HERE.

The following selections were sung at today's Mass (the parenthesis indicate the point in the recording where you can hear the selection)

Ecce Sacerdos Magnus (7:10)

De Ventre (9:20)

Priusquam te Formarem (22:45)

Credo I (42:55)

Justus ut Palma -Chant (49:15)

Justus ut Palma- Motet (51:30)

Tu Puer (1:09:30)

Christi Fili Dei (1:18:00)

Ut Queant Laxis (1:24:40)

Organ Improvisation -Buchholz (1:27:30)

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