Friday, June 19, 2009

Blogging from the CMAA Colloquium

For the next week, I will be posting daily reports from the CMAA Colloquium. There will, no doubt, be a number of other sites doing so as well. Of particular interest to me, and hopefully to others as well, will be the insights on the new translation of the Missal and the accompanying "Music Project" that remains a bit of a mystery still at this time.

The Colloquium will also be a time to take stock of what has taken place in regards to the ROTR since this time last year. I know that there has been significant progress in liturgical practice and the progress on the liturgical music front has been far greater than anybody would have dreamed of only a few short years ago! But there is no better way to discover this than through the personal testimony of those "working in the vineyard" as it were.

My first task is to print out the Colloquium Packet...not a "sample" packet of music to be purchase, but actual full scores of the music we will be singing during the week...ours to bring back home and use without any further expense. That is just one of the beautiful aspects of Sacred is given as a gift to the Church by the Church.

Stay tuned...

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